George Takei and David So Discuss Online Dating | Episode 2 | Takei’s Take

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George Takei explores Tinder and the world of online dating with David So ( Intimidated by the world of online dat…



MakeUpByAnna says:

David So <3

Kingsa kina says:

David So: “I remember back in the day…” Isnt he like 25 years old or

Wenona Gardner says:

I would’t have my current boyfriend if it weren’t for online dating. My
boyfriend & I started dating after he found my personal ad on Yahoo! In
2006 one day every time Bill would walk into the room he would brightly
smile at me radiating confidence as if a light switch went on and I liked
this new Bill. So we went to Qdoba’s & we talked for 3 hrs. We laughed so
hard that the manager noticed & came by & gave us free chips & salsa. Bill
confessed he knew I was available because of my personal ad.

deepti691 says:

Two of my favourite people in one room !!

Jennifer N says:

david so’s skin looks silky as fuck

creolelady89 says:

David So is quite handsome honestly.

Elle Smith Fagan says:

have not dated per online service, but longlasting friends there

Anna Ravenscroft says:

My husband and I met on the internet and our 10th anniversary is next July.

zack gudal says:

nope he is actualy 21 older than me by 2 years as old as my girlfriand

Edward Stotts says:

I’ve had my last several dates & relationships through social dating sites
that are free.

epickei says:

i love davids personality in this

IMaximusDMI says:

Oh my.

Michelle Aron says:

You didn’t mention eharmony. My fiance and I met on Compatible Partners,
the lgbt part of eHarmony. We had both tried Match and others, but found
them less matches that were actually compatible. I HIGHLY recommend
Compatible Partners. Questions take a lot longer, and you don’t get 50
people matched up with you, but the one’s who do get sent to you are true
matches! We’ve been together 3 years now & getting married in a few weeks!
I love you Takei! Got my pic w/you in Boston! You were so nice!

DirtieF0X says:

Why did they make him look like a trans xD Oh David.

AngeliaChanel says:

George is awesome 🙂 Love the show!!

zarly49 says:

David was macking on girls since he got out the womb!

Derrel Pellegrin says:

Be afraid…Be very afraid

Drarack says:

me, too. didnt even watch the video before subscribing.

Jimmy King says:

im psyched about him having a channel n i subscribed

KerryOK5 says:

I want to thank you for… Everything! Sulu was great, you have continues
to be fab since then, and these vids are clear, informative, and fun. I
like that you are so realistic and down to earth. Thanks!

CatfishShotgun says:

I like your voice.

E Psythiros says:

I met my bf of 13+ years in a singles chat room.

Humberto Alvarez says:

This is the best idea for a Youtube channel EVER.

Trices Mailwind says:

Naw, it just loves the sweater to that point.

Ken Steiger says:

Aliasing for sure…

DarkLordofHistory says:

10 seconds in? Subscription. XD

Trices Mailwind says:

the camera is freaking out about the sweater.

Shorasool Shatursun says:

David So brought me here.

TheDMarie82 says:

It’s a waste of my time … most people I meet online just want sex nothing

Froebel Vergara says:

online dating its only a waste of time when you write like a 100 messages
and you don’t receive a reply. so for me it is a waste of time.

John Dough says:

if thats you in your profile pic me and you need to date

Francesco Solimano says:

1:38 isn’t that Jimmy Fallon’s “ew” !?!

Random Person says:

OMG David looks like a giant next to George, haha

Devin Manzo says:

Oh sorry i just hate it when pretty faces and generic words are liked more
than people who put their heart into what their doing. It has ruined so
much entertainment today. They could have at least Wenona a like to that’s
all i’m saying!!! I mean wouldn’t be cool if she had 100 likes to for a
beautiful story ?!?!:)

Salima-AdiAnna Khusial says:

maybe we just subscribes to some of the same people… nothing weird about

sayjai bao says:

George to answer your question is online dating worth it? I think it really
depends if that person is in the same town/city? Definitely worth giving a
try. But if it’s a long distance type of thing? No way! You spend way too
much time on SKYPE and sometimes the time zone difference is a hassle (I’m
in Cali and she was in NY, i’d wake up at weird hours just to talk). When I
came home late after a night out with friends and was late to SKYPE or call
her?She’d freak out and accuse me of cheating.=(

sayjai bao says:

Hey! You again!! Weird how i keep seeing you in all these different youtube
channels? O.o

sayjai bao says:

Are you stupid or 10 years old?

sayjai bao says:

Um..maybe you’re overreacting? There’s lots of David So fans out there.
Just saying…

XJOShTM says:

David So – online dating expert !!!!! Wutttt

Joohyunnie says:

Whoa whoa whoa… Is David wearing some makeup? hehe He looks pwetty :3

Stock Loc says:

All my girlfriends were met online since I don’t go to school and all my
jobs consist of guys 50+. I’m not gay/old person hunter so online dating is
the only way for my to find a mate to procreate with.

tamathestoryteller says:

I hadn’t heard of tinder, might try it.

lisapy1132 says:

I met my husband online on Love@Lycos dating site. We have been together
for 9 years and married for 1. Before him I met my previous 2 boyfriends on

Lawrence Yuen says:

This is just crazy talk!

ZeldaFireEmblem says:

I know. So much awesomeness.

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